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Sort of update...

📆 Post by TheMightyDude, Tue, September 20, 2022
Development Information Status

Hey all,

Bit of a small update I am afraid.

Bad News
Not been well for a while, and the lockdown hasn’t helped things either, plus I have been in a really low state as late.
Good News
I haven’t forgotten about Blacknova Traders (name of project TBD) at all, just lost the motivation to work on it at the moment, doesn’t help having to write the code for both Server and Client along with the entire framework for it, then on top of that I need to create the Services our side for the Servers and Client to connect to.
It’s also taking longer due to being burnt many times in the past with BNT due to using 3rd party libraries, so I am having to write it all where I have to.
Also writing Multi-Threaded code is not easy and doesn’t like to play nice LOL
Plus writing a Network Framework can be difficult especially when its Multi-Threaded.
Server so far
This is the server so far, it accepts multiple connections at the same time, queues up network messages etc, and that is it LOL