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🚧🚧 Development put on hold for now. 🚧🚧

📆 Post by TheMightyDude, Thu, November 12, 2020
Development Information Status

Just a heads up referring to the development that I have been working on, sadly I have put all my development on hold for now.

This is due to I haven’t been in the mood to even work on code, this phase hopefully won’t last long.

Sorry if people were hoping for this to be done soon, but doing a massive multi-player game from scratch on your own trying to keep as many players happy at the same time, that along with health issues all starts to take toll.

Plus, I would like to make a game in which I like playing which BNT sadly isn’t and hasn’t been for many years, this was why I was going to do a recode with some changes, sadly this has had challenges especially with the Networking side which I had to code from scratch to be Multi-Threaded.

Please note I have not given up on this project, just more of a put aside kind of thing for me to come back to at a later date.

Sorry for being A.W.O.L.

📆 Post by TheMightyDude, Wed, October 07, 2020

Yeah, I know I have not posted anything here in a while, I have been ill on and off for the last few weeks, this along with all this Covid that has been going on at the moment, so I have been spending more time chatting with friends and other developers.

I have also been working on some code, not as much as I have been in the past, but some code has changed somewhat, have now got a sort of framework for the server side in place to make it more easier to access, some of that framework is also for client side but just not done much client side as yet.

But I have been looking into Clusters and Instances, which is rather interesting :)

Clusters would allow for more stuff to be run and more concurrent users per game which would be nice, but we won’t need that for a while yet, but it would be really nice if it supported that in case this game becomes popular like it used to several years ago.

Instances is a very cool subject; this could allow for us to just create say a Universe Solar System and then have instances of that allowing for many Solar Systems run on the same server which could handle a set number of players in it at the same time.

Instances could also be used for Battle Zones where player battle with other players, this would take PvP (Players vs Players) away from the main game areas where players just want to play the game without being killed resulting in them loosing everything and then giving up on the game, this has hurt Blacknova Traders a lot in the past and has pushed away possible new players.

I haven’t coded any of the Cluster or Instance code as yet, so this will be fun trying to do some later on when I am ready to do so.

More to come.

Structured Debugging Feature

📆 Post by TheMightyDude, Sat, February 29, 2020
Development Planning

Working on updating my Realms.Debugging.ThreadedDebugLog class to supports different message types, like (ERROR, WARNING, INFORMATION etc) at the moment it only displays text that is sent to it.

This will then also add structuring and colouring to the outputted text to the console, logfiles will only store the structuring and will not contain any colouring in it.

Network Update 8

📆 Post by TheMightyDude, Sat, February 29, 2020
Development Planning Server Client

Well its been a while since I updated the blog, anyhow I really thought I had it when a small glitch caused the test server to crash and core dump, which is not what I wanted it to do.

No matter what or how I did it I was having issues adding TLS into my TCP Connections, most common was if you open a connection to the server using like PuTTY and not type nothing it would just hold that thread on the server dealing with new connections resulting in no more new connections. This was due to how the SslStream does its authentication as Server and Client, the server will just wait a set time until it times out.

So, at this point I think I am just wasting time trying to get this to work as I want it to, so I am just going to use a web request over a secure connection (i.e. HTTPS) and stick with that, loads of games I have checked do it like that, so that must be the better way to do this.

Doing so will allow for me to progress onto structuring the network packets.