Service offline for maintenance.
Sorry, the Service is offline at the moment while we work on the server:
▪ We are re-configuring our server due to a fire that happened in teh datacentre hosting our server.
▪ Sadly our server was destroyed in the fire, we have aquired a new more powerful server which we are in the middle of setting up from scratch; which might take some time to complete.
▪ This is not all bad news, we have a backup of teh server sadly it is a bit dated, so we have lost some stuff, BUT... Not all.
▪ More good news is that we have installed Ubuntu Server 20.04 along with PHP 7.4.3 so the game that we run will need to be tested again once I get it all back up and running.
▪ I think I will be getting the Forums up and running first as that will be easier to get working than teh actual game.

▪ We are currently setting up our mail server due to thats the main important service at the moment.

▪ Currently at this time we are unable to give an estimated time frame on when the service will become available, we will add a time once we know more.

▪ Thank you for your patience.
Site Status Version: 0.0.54
Last Updated: 2024-07-24 22:02 UTC